About us

“a picture says a thousand words”. Here at BlueArch Photography a picture just says one word, and that word is “you”.

WE predominately specialize in take portraiture and in doing so capture the best of you.

Our philosophy is simple
……..because you are you™.

Our principle photographer Ash Hirani founded BlueArch Photography in 2001.

Ash’s journey into photography started as a child when he was given a Kodak Brownie 110 camera back in the late 70’s. snapping away during his childhood he progressed through many other cameras until finally landing himself his first slr in 1999. A pentax introduced Ash into the world of apertures, film speeds and iso’s . During this time, film use was still his favored method of capturing pictures and time spent in the dark room honed his skills in both taking and developing pictures.
The world of digital photography subtly started to knock on his door and with a leap of faith in the Nikon brand purchased his first Dslr. Free from the darkroom and the limitation of film, ash’s skills were fine tuned and further honed in to creating a style of his very own. A self taught photographer, he has earned a reputation of being not just great at pressing the shutter release button but also for his ability to connect with his subjects making them relax in front of the lens as he is behind it.